Helping Mamas wants to highlight this month as How Has Helping Mamas Helped You? We focus so much on helping agencies and trying to get the order out as soon as we can, but we want to take the time to hear how we are doing with what we love to do. We took a small survey from some of our partner agencies client’s and asked them the following questions.

  1. How does receiving baby items impact your family?

    I started getting baby supplies like diapers, baby wipes, baby clothes, and other items for free from my case manager, and it helps me save money. I am able to save money with all the free supplies and change the life of my family. Now I am able to buy a used car to help me with my daily work and family needs.

  2. What is the one thing you would tell parents that are afraid to ask for help?

    I would like to tell them, don’t hesitate about something you need and if you need help.

  3. What does it mean to your family to receive baby items, how do you feel receiving them?

    It means a lot to my family to receive free items. I am so happy and know we have someone that is willing to help not only to say they help but love the people. I’m so thankful for what we got and you will be blessed more and more.

To help donate to a family in need, please click the following link: