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Why 1 in 3 families has trouble affording diapers

Diapers are one of the necessities to have as a mother to ensure your child grows happy and healthy. Often times people do not know about the amount of development that happens from ages 0 to 5. Check out this four minute clip published on NPR’s website highlighting the reason why 1 in 3 families experience diaper need.   There are consumer products that are wants, and there are consumer products that are needs. Those who have a baby at home [...]

April 16th, 2018|

Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. As a community, we can make a difference in children’s lives by raising awareness to prevent child neglect and abuse. Per Ronald Regan, the founder of Child Abuse Prevention Month, “We should allow children the opportunity to grow up safe, loved, and well care for.” Below you can read more about raising awareness for child abuse. Over the years, April has been used to raise awareness of the problem of child abuse. These days, we [...]

April 9th, 2018|

Helping Others: The First Step in Making the World a Better Place

The things that we do in life not only impact our lives but others as well. For instance, when you help others that makes you and that person happy. So, whether small or big always know that you are making a difference in someone’s life. Read the article below to see how helping others can make the world a better place. Helping others is the first step in making the world a better place and improving the lives of those who aren’t [...]

April 2nd, 2018|

Social Work Month: Thank you Betsy!

To end Social Work Month, Helping Mamas wants to point the spotlight on Betsy. Betsy works with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta as a social worker in the outpatient rehabilitation services department. She is motivated by navigating parents through a challenging period with children with special needs. She enjoys working as a social worker because she can incorporate therapeutic skills to make a difference for children and families raising a child with special needs. Your gift to help others is appreciated so [...]

March 30th, 2018|

National Women’s Month: Thank you Jan!

Before National Women’s Month ends, we would love to give recognition to a special staff at Helping Mamas, Jan. Jan is the Director of Individual Support at Helping Mamas. She works hard to bring awareness to the community and raises money to meet the basic needs of the mother and children that we serve daily. She also has such a caring heart and makes everyone feel welcomed. We really enjoy having you on the team! Below you can read more about Jan’s [...]

March 26th, 2018|

Social Work Month: Thank you Allie!

The social worker we want to recognize today for Social Work Month is Allie. Allie is the Community Integration Specialist at the Wellspring Living Women's Academy. She loves interacting with people and hearing their stories. No matter what their story maybe Allie does her best to motivate and encourage people. She also believes that when people have support from others they can become their best selves. Allie, you are a true definition of a social worker! Below you can read more about [...]

March 23rd, 2018|