Our Mission

Connecting helping mamas to mamas needing help.

Our Vision

To be the baby supply bank of metro Atlanta.

Our Philosophy

Every mama needs a little help and has a little help to give.

  • There are hundreds of organizations in Atlanta that serve women and children, and they all request baby supplies for their clients.
  • These nonprofits don’t have the time to secure these in-kind donations, and don’t have the storage for these donations.
  • Before Helping Mamas there was no coordinated effort to collect and distribute essential baby items not covered by food stamps and WIC.
  • We partner with organizations throughout metro Atlanta and we systematically fulfill their wish lists for the baby supplies they need, when they need them.
  • Helping Mamas collects baby supplies and stores them in our warehouse. Utilizing volunteers we are able to distribute these essential baby items.
  • 1 in 3 moms has to choose between diapers and food
  • Without an adequate supply of diapers children can’t attend daycare, making it impossible for parents to work
  • Diaper need is more strongly associated with poor mental health than food need
  • Parents experiencing poverty in the form of material hardship (such as in the form of diaper need) are subject to increased parenting stress, increased risk for social, emotional, and behavioral problems in children
  • Insufficient supply of diapers is not only a risk for poor infant and child health, but also for maternal mental health

Please go to our Donate page and refer to the list of Current Needs

We are located at 3750 Hewatt Court Suite F Snellville, GA 30039.

  • When parents have their children’s basic needs met, they are able to focus on the other valuable services provided by our partner organizations such as parenting education, job training and other skills that will lead to self-sufficiency.
  • The staff at our partner agencies are able to do what they do best: teach the skills needed to break the cycle of poverty.